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Nothing beats a creatively developed church postcard and direct mail campaign!

Our custom designed church postcards are created from scratch just for your church. If you're church is considering direct mail, you owe it to yourself to discover the difference a strategically designed campaign can make. We don't offer cookie-cutter, template based church postcards and direct mail. One of our core beliefs is that each church is a living organism with a distinct personality. Whether it's a new message series, Christmas and advent advertising, ministry event or church launch, creativity counts. Take a look at our postcard samples and see how our custom touches can help your church cut through the clutter.


Our Church Postcards and Direct Mail plans offer churches an affordable way to reach targeted prospects and quickly increase your visitor base. Drawing from our years of experience in custom designing creative direct mail, we’ll help you create effective mailings that will raise awareness of your church or special event and generate new visitors. Count on us to deliver creatively developed concepts, copywriting, design, printing and mailing services, too. We deliver your postcards directly to your Post Office, so you don't have to lift a finger! We specialize in creating church plant postcard campaigns too!

  • Creative concept development
  • Copywriting
  • High quality color printing on both sides
  • Custom graphic design
  • Oversized 6" x 9" size
  • We also offer complete mailing services
  • Your specific message or series title
  • Color church logo
  • Special dates to remember
  • Custom designed graphic if full color
  • Specific information attractively designed
  • Full color 3-D type map
  • Church logo
  • Special secondary ministry information
  • Immediate Impact
    A creative postcard can pass the 3 second mail-sort test. With the right design and the right message, your church postcard makes an immediate impact!
  • Long Lasting
    Postcards begin speaking your church's message as soon as they’re pulled from the mailbox, but they don’t stop there. Creative postcards wind up on bulletin boards and refrigerator doors, giving them more visibility and “shelf life” than regular direct mail. It's not unusual for us to hear from our clients that visitors show up at their church carrying their last postcard even months after the mailing.
  • Short and Sweet
    If it’s easy to read, it will be read—a copywriting proverb that applies doubly to direct mail. Church Postcards are quick and to the point. This makes them more inviting to a potential reader and gives your message more punch.
  • Quick Turnaround
    Our turnaround times sometimes border miraculous. We know that planning a message series or event is a time-consuming process. When you're in a pinch, we can deliver results in the shortest time possible.
  • Campaign Capable
    Direct mail postcards are campaign-friendly. You can carry out a sustained, periodic marketing plan easier and more affordably than with any other medium. Whether you're looking for an annual marketing plan or a postcard series for a church launch, we can save you money by setting up your mailings in advance.
  • Easty to Measure Results
    Our clients usually see immediate results. There are many varibles, but we can help you develop a plan to measure your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Works with the Web
    Direct mail postcards and your church website make a perfect marketing match. Over 80% of those that respond will visit your website and/or social network sites first. Once at your site, they can learn more about your church and what you have to offer.
  • Cost Effective
    Even small churches can afford to advertise with postcards. We'll work with you to stay within budget. We'll also help you get the most for your money. Need an Invite Card for your new sermon series? Often times, it's possible to "gang" your Invite Card with your postcard to save on printing costs.
  • Versitile
    Postcards have as many marketing uses as you can imagine. They can be used as coupons to redeem for a free gift, personal hand-outs, stuffers for your local newspaper and a host of other applications.
  • Proven to Work
    If done properly, direct-mail marketing works. Want proof? According to the U.S. Postal Service, Americans spend over $250 billion each year in response to direct mail, and the numbers are rising. Direct mail also averages $10 in sales for every dollar spent—twice the return of a TV ad.

A Sample of our Direct Mail Designs