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Getting Started

Once you are ready to proceed with your campaign, call us (281) 251-8069 to schedule an interview with one of our designers. This is basically a "get to know you" session. We'll also send you a couple of questionnaires to fill out.

  • What you're promoting (event, sermon series, community awareness, etc.)
  • The "personality" or culture of your church (conservative, contemporary, hi-tech, emergent, etc.)
  • What your desired result is (call to action)
  • Particular items or ministries you want to mention
  • What makes your church unique
  • What you have to offer
  • Exact meeting location (for building a map)
  • Mail permit number (non-profit or presort standard)
  • High resolution digital copy of your logo (tiff, eps, etc.)
  • Your budget

Our direct mail cards are slightly oversized at 9" x 6" and are full color on the front and back. All of our designs are CUSTOM MADE to your needs. For best results, we recommend doing at least 3-4 mailings per year. It's best to send a smaller number of postcards multiple times to the same area, rather than one mailing to a larger area. Direct Mail has a cumulative affect. Our most successful churches understand this and plan long-term. It is possible to print 3 or more cards at one printing to save a lot of money. The typical savings is around 10-20% depending upon how many designs you have us produce at one time. We can hold the ones that aren't ready to mail and only mail when you are ready. We are happy to do a "1-shot" mailing if you have financial constraints.

Picking Your Mailing Area

Zip Code Maps

Mustard Seed offers free zip code counts along with maps. One of our consultants will work directly with you to analyze your particular area, demographic and geographic considerations, and your overall budget.

Ghost Permits

Mustard Seed also offers ghost permits. Ghost permits are beneficial if your permit is not at an SCF post office, click here.

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